Levita Luxe Levitation Tips

Before You Begin

Place the levitation device on a perfectly horizontal and level surface to ensure normal levitation of the magnetic plate. Plug the power cord in and turn the power on at the wall.

  1. Magnetic Plate Adjustment: Hold the magnetic plate with both hands, placing your little fingers underneath for support. Slowly move it vertically downwards towards the center of the base until you feel resistance.

  2. Centering the Magnetic Plate: Move the magnetic plate vertically towards the center until you sense a strong force holding it. Release the plate gently at a position 12mm-15mm over the base.

  3. Gadget Placement: Once levitation is achieved, gently place gadgets on the magnetic plate (weight should be less than 200g). Adjust their position until the weight is centered over the magnet.

  4. Object Rotation: If an object does not rotate, re-adjust its position to ensure proper rotation. Note that objects made of iron or magnetic material may interfere with the magnetic field.

Important Note:

  • A thermal switch inside your Levitation base is designed to automatically turn off power, preventing overheating. Exercise caution and enjoy the magic of levitation responsibly.
  • If power is lost to the base, the platform will slam and catch down on the base, Please keep this in mind when selecting items to showcase as the item will more than likely fall from the platform if power is lost.
  • Keep the device away from air currents generated by fans or windows, as these can cause it to sway, making the base work harder to maintain stability.