Levita Luna Levitation Tips

Before You Begin

Before you start, make sure the Luna lamp's base is resting on a level, flat surface, and there are no magnetic materials nearby. Be cautious when using wooden tables with metal structural components underneath, as they can disrupt the lamp's optimal operation.

Step 1: Connecting the Base

  1. Connect the cable to Levita Luna's magnetic base.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into an available outlet.

Step 2: Positioning the Moon

  1. Hold the moon with two hands and gently start to lower it over the base from a height of about 5cm.
  2. Position the moon approximately 3cm from the base and you'll start feel a strong magnetic field.
  3. Align the moon replica with the base as best as possible and gently start to release the moon when you can feel its weight being supported.
  4. Once the moon supports its own weight, first remove your top hand guiding it, then release your bottom hand.

Step 3: Stabilizing the Moon

If you notice the moon is slightly swaying, you can gently stabilize it with your hands. It will also stop swaying on its own after a while.

Additional Considerations

In case of a power loss to the base, rest assured that it's designed to catch the moon replica, preventing it from falling and potentially getting damaged. To ensure stable levitation, keep the moon replica away from air currents generated by fans or open windows, as these can cause it to sway and the base to work harder to maintain stability.